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Middle East

Though the “cradle of civilization” can be found along its fertile riverbanks, the Middle East is still, for most travelers, a land shrouded in mystery. From the perplexing perfection of Egypt’s pyramids to the modern marvels towering above growing Dubai, this is a region seen more in magazines than from the deck of a cruise ship. This insular image is changing, however, as Jordan, Oman and its neighbors open their ports to a new generation of visitors.

A tour of this region samples attractions both old and new, offering a panoramic and often educational view of this corner of the world. Tour palaces built for pharaohs and prophets, explore coral reefs waiting beneath the Red Sea or soak up the sun at a number of contemporary beach resorts -- anything is possible on these storied shores. For detailed information about any Middle Eastern port, click on the port name below.


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